BOISE (KTVB) -- The Kortz family knows firsthand what being a match for an organ transplant means.

An organ transplant saved their daughter's life, and it was a living organ donation from her own dad. He gave her one of his kidneys!

Lexi Kortz is a kindergartner at Frontier Elementary School in Meridian, and her parents, Lori and Matt Kortz, weren't sure this day would come.

Two years ago they had a very sick little girl on their hands. She was diagnosed with a rare syndrome.

"It's called Joubert's Syndrome. It's very rare, a genetic syndrome. It effects the brain, kidneys, eyes and liver," said Lori.

Her doctors discovered she was in stage-4 kidney failure.

"After that, there's just nothing you can do," said Matt.

"In a matter of days we found out she was going to need a kidney transplant, and it just rocked our world. It was devastating to all of us," said Lori.


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