LOUDOUN CO., Va. (WUSA9) -- One of Loudoun County's top rated, high scoring schools is being investigated for allegations of administrators pressuring teachers to change grades.

Some educators are accusing the school of widespread cheating at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville.

"I noticed the work is well above my son's ability."

Diane Warr says her 18-year-old profoundly deaf son could not have scored so high on last spring's test assessment. She says the work wasn't his."

Warr says, "When asked about a measurement of a yard, is it bigger than a paper clip? Is it as big as this, giving him examples. He said who's yard? Our yard? What was the answer on his test? The correct answer."

In the special education room during Warr's son's testing, was sign language interpreter Anne Reid.

Reid says, "I witnessed teachers providing answers, attaching sticky notes to the papers, having the students could change their answers."

Dr. Edgar Hatrick says, "Was thoroughly investigated, there was no proof found that had even occurred."

Reid says, "The special education teachers know they lied in that investigation."

School Superintendent Edgar Hatrick is correct, no cheating was substantiated in its investigation. What the investigation did show was a culture where administrators pressured teachers to have their students test well, not just in special ed but for the entire Loudoun Valley High School.

Patsy Layer is the director of Loudoun Education Association which represents the county's teachers.

Patsy Layer says, "I can tell you that I had many teachers come to me say they have been pressured into altering their grades before turning them into the administration."

Hatrick says, "The notion that adult teachers feel bullied, i just haven't heard that. It's an anonymous allegation, okay, nobody, nobody has come forth and said 'I was forced to change a grade.' I will go on record saying that."

Warr says, "My son, who's disabled, works harder than any child I know. The fact, his best is not good enough for someone does not sit well with me. They're not learning. They came out looking like scholars."

The principal and top leaders at the school are continuing to work in the school during this investigation. Dr. Hatrick says there are no plans to put them on administrative leave.

Because of all the attention to Loudoun Valley High School, there is a parent meeting next Wednesday in Purcellville.

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