MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA9)-- Manassas police say after a nearly seven month investigation they have arrested 21-year old Jessica Fraraccio, and charged with Murder and Child Abuse in the death of 2-year-old Elijah Nealey.

It was back in August of 2012 that the two year old had to be rushed to the hospital with unspecified injuries where he later died. The boy was in his home on the 9300 block of Birchwood in Manassas. Fraraccio was his babysitter, and was the only other person around when it all happened.

Mike Nealey, the toddler's father say they never suspected Fraraccio would hurt their son. In fact, in an exclusive interview he told WUSA9 the family thought Elijah's death was an accident until this past Tuesday when police arrested Fraraccio.

Nealey said , "She is just a monster. I don't understand how a person could do that."

Investigators aren't releasing many details surrounding the arrest, but the family believes it may have been something she said recently that changed the direction of the investigation and made detectives zero in on her.

Nealey says his son was "an awesome little guy", who would always wait for him at the door when he returned from work.

The two-year old liked Spiderman, and was fond of dinosaurs says Nealey.

Now his father is left mourning and feeling betrayed by a babysitter he once trusted.

Nealey added, "I just tell people to be careful who they hire to look after their kids because, you never know. No mater how many background checks you do anything could happen."

As of last check Fraraccio was being held without bond.

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