(WUSA9) -- The official start of summer is nearly two months away, but the summer movie season kicks off one week from Friday.

Friday, USA Today Entertainment editor Dennis Moore talked with us about a couple of big summer movies. He takes a look at next week's bigflick: Iron Man 3. He tells us whether number 3 is a winner or not and whether it's worth going to a 3D or IMAX version.

Three weeks from Friday we have the return of Captain Kirk in Star Trek Into The Darkness. Moore tells us a little about the villain, the mission and thetalk about a third Star Trek prequel.

We also tooka quick look at The Hangover Part III. It is in theaters on May 24. Moore let's us know whether it is better than II.

Hugh Jackman returns as one of the favorite X-Men mid-summer in The Wolverine. James Mangold, the director, says he's influenced by Samuri films and westerns. Moore talked about whether or not you can see that influence in the film.

Finally, we get to a prequel to the 2001 hit Monsters Inc. This one is called Monsters University, and it's coming out June 21.

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