BALTIMORE (WUSA) -- Fans stormed Baltimore's streets after the Ravens won the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

One fan told a reporter that 10 percent of the party was for Baltimore and 90 percent of it was for Ravens player Ray Lewis.

Several streets were shut down around the city as police prepared for massive crowds. Officers were on horseback to watch over fans on the ground while police cameras and Foxtrot, the department's helicopter, watched from up above.

Police officers, who were tracked by the department via GPS, were sent to a few rowdy spots, including a spot where fans rocked a car and a large group who looted a 7-Eleven.

Around 2 a.m., firefighters cleared a car fire on the Jones Falls Expressway. No word if that was linked to Sunday night's celebrations but we do know the JFX was closed due to the crowds.

Despite the rowdy fans, police say there were no major public safety incidents or injuries last night.

The official parade and celebration is set for Tuesday.

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