GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WUSA9) -- Montgomery County police held a press conference on Tuesday morning following the arrest of a man for sexual assault. They believe they havea case of a serial sexual predator.

Police believe Joey Poindexter has been going to bars in our area,Las Vegas, Dallas, and Salt Lake City and that he has been taking incapacitated drunk young men home to his house. They say he has sexually assaulting them in his home when they're completely incapacitated. Police are not sure at this point if there are drugs involved. They're still looking into it but they know that these young men are heavily incapacitated with alcohol.

Police say on Oct. 3 they learned about a sexual assault that had occurred in Gaithersburg between the night of October 2 and the morning of October 3. Their investigation revealed that the victim had met the suspect, 38-year-old Joey Poindexter,at the bar Looney's in College Park, Md. at a beer pong tournament.The victim went back to Poindexter's home in Gaithersburg where police say the sexual assault took place.

Poindexter was arrested on October 10 and is currently being held on bond, according to police.

Sincehis arresta couple of other young men have come forward and said he sexually assaulted them. Another young man is thinking about coming forward.

Police have taken apart Poindexter's cell phone and looked at his pictures. They say that they have found 10 victims over the course of perhaps a decade. Pictures show young men incapacitated in his home and perhaps in other places, say police, "in various states of consciousness and in compromising positions." Six of the victims have not been identified from the photos yet.

One victim is appealing to young men who may be other victims to come forward, and talk to the Montgomery County Police.

Police say Poindexter frequently attends organized Beer Pong events held in the D.C. and Baltimore areas, and has met several of his victims at these events. Poindexter is also known to attend extreme sporting events. According to police, Poindexter recently traveled to Atlantic City, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Nevada, Dallas, Texas, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Salt Lake City, Utah for such events.

Anyone who believes that he has been a victim of Joey Poindexter or anyone with information about a sexual assault involving Joey Poindexter is asked to call the Montgomery County Police - Major Crimes Division at 240-773-5070.

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