ANNAPOLIS (WUSA9) -- Annapolis police say they have identified the person who broke into an elementary school through a window and stole money from a vending machine in July. Police say the thief entered through an unlocked window of the teachers' lounge to steal money from the machine.

According to police, the burglary at Tyler Heights Elementary School on Janwall Street is believed to have happened sometime between 3 p.m. on July 24th and 8 a.m. on July 28. According to the police report, school officials reported the incident on August 6.

A custodian found that the window had been broken in the teachers lounge after the weekend break on July 28. "He also discovered that the large piece of glass covering merchandise in a vending machine in the teachers lounge had been removed from the machine and set aside undamaged. It appeared that the fasteners securing this piece of glass to the machine were each removed with a screwdriver." The vending machine held small bags of snacks. A metal piece that once covered the moneybox inside the machine was lying on the floor. The piece "was bent and had apparently been pried from the money box," according to police.

The custodian was joined at the scene by a school staff member who saw a large piece of plastic meant for laminating posters had been placed over the broken window pane. Previously, the plastic was in plain view next to a laminating machine in the lounge, according to the police report.

Glass was found outside the building below the broken window, say police. The staff member believed the thief may have removed glass from inside the building and put it outside since no glass was found inside the building. According to the police report, the staff member also saw that the lower pane of the window had been broken and that the mechanism that locks the window was in an unlocked position, which would have allowed the thief to lift the bottom of the window and climb inside the building.

It's unclear exactly how much money the suspect was able to steal from the machine but the company that repaired the machine confirmed that all the money had been removed from the money box, according to the report.

Police say surveillance video from cameras used to monitor the outside of the school did not show any possible suspects.

On Sunday, August 10, police announced that that they had arrested a suspect in the burglary. Cebian Hill Allen was charged with burglary, theft, destruction of property and trespassing, say police. He was remanded to the detention center on $50,000 bond.

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