CHURCHVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- A Md. man has been charged for performing fire and life safety maintenance while his license was revoked authorities said.

Deputy State Fire Marshals said Thomas G. Williams, 61 of Elkton, Md. was charged. Authorities said Williams, the owner of Total Resource Fire and Safety did maintenance work on the grill extinguishing system as well as working on fire extinguishers throughout the restaurant on June 2.

Investigation showed that Williams also did work on the kitchen hood and fire extinguishers. According to authorities, he got paid for the services and said he would bring back property the owners paid for. Authorities said the property has not been returned.

Authorities determined that the fire extinguishers would not have worked in an emergency.

According to authorities, a business owner complained about the company and the Office of the State Fire Marshal then proceeded to investigate in September 2013.

Williams' licenses were taken away in October 2013 after the investigation showed that codes had been disregarded.

Authorities said Williams is being charged with two counts of violating a Fire Prevention Title/Regulation, acting as a contractor without license and theft less than $1,000. If Williams is convicted, he will face two years in jail and/or fines of $3,500.

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is requesting any business that has contracted with Williams and his company to perform service to contact the Northeast Regional Office at (410) 836-4844 for a follow-up inspection. This inspection would be completed free of charge.

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