BLADENSBURG, Md. (WUSA) -- The War to end all war has faded into history with old grainy film the only remnant with the last of those who fought long dead.

But that has not stopped a group from protesting a lawsuit which seeks to move 40 foot stone cross which has at a key traffic circle since 1925.

The Memorial is a tribute to Prince George's County residents who died in World War. It stands in a highway median at Baltimore Avenue, Annapolis Road and Bladensburg Road. The town promotes it as a landmark.

The Memorial is on government owned land and since it's a Christian Cross. The American Humanist Association says the Christian symbol does not belong there.

Steve Lowe, who one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit to have it moved says it's a religious object that doesn't belong on government land but several dozen protestors who showed up at the site on Saturday say it's a memorial to war dead only and not religious.

Susan Ballenger, who was among them says it has been there all her life and she has never thought of it as a religious object. The memorial has the names of local residents who died in World War I and a quote from war time President Woodrow Wilson.

There has been a suggestion that the state of Maryland simply give the land back to the American Legion which once owned it. But Lowe says that won't work because its on a highway median and will still appear to be on public property. .

Ironically, the site where the memorial stand is hallowed ground. Part of the August, 1814 Battle of Bladensburg was fought there. The United States lost that battle enabling the British to enter the the Nation's Capital and burn the White House.

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