BERKELEY COUNTY, W.Va. (WUSA9)-- Two people have died and several were seriously injured after multiple vehicles were involved in a crash on Interstate 81 near the 21 mile marker in Berkeley, West Virginia on Wednesday morning.

Police say a total of 35-45 cars were involved in the accident along the highway, in both northbound and southbound lanes. Fifteen to 20 of those cars were seriously damaged.

Seven others were taken to Berkeley Medical Center. Of those seven, two people are in critical condition, reports Scott Broom.

A witness says that the accident happened on both sides of the highway after a flash snow shower that iced over the road in a matter of minutes.

Eastern Panhandle Working Fires provided updates on its website, Facebook page and Twitter account. It also posted a few photos of the accident. See them here:

Shenandoah Valley Fire also posted video of the crash:

The traffic back-up stretched into Maryland.

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