(WUSA) -- Anne Arundel County police say they arrested a man for impersonating a police officer and driving while intoxicated after he reportedly tried to pull someone over with a red emergency light on Sunday morning.

According to police, at approximately 2:13 a.m., an officer on patrol near Furnace Branch Road E. and Sunrise Beach Road saw a black Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor pulling onto the 7-Eleven parking lot. The car had a red emergency light with a red rotation pattern on the front dash, which is commonly used for traffic stops on motorists. Police say the driver of the Ford was trying to pull over a yellow Nissan X-Terra.

The officer checked his Mobile Data Computer and found the Ford was not a police vehicle.

The officer stopped and detained the driver of the Ford, 23-year-old Zachary Allan Butler of Arnold, Md. Police say the officer found the red emergency light and a police scanner, which were then confiscated by police.

Butler is charged with impersonating a police officer and driving while intoxicated.

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