WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The Washington Humane Society is in an emergency situation.

In the season of giving, it seems a lot of people are giving up their pets. WUSA9's Nikki Burdine tells us about a homeless crisis at the shelter and how you can help this weekend.

The shelter is full of even more wagging tails and hopeful faces than usual, because within the past 72 hours, they've taken in more than 30 dogs.

"It's multiple reasons people surrender animals this time of year. It's Christmastime and people buy a lot of presents, their budget gets tighter, so taking care of the animals gets more expensive," says Alison Coates, the behavior and training manager with Washington Humane Society.

Imagine being taken away from your family during the holidays.

The Humane Society is doing what it can to find new families and they're offering a big incentive by dropping the $170.00 adoption fee.

"If you have a home and you have a little bit of love to give, they don't take that much," says Lelonie Mills, who is considering adopting a dog. "And you get a new best friend and a cute, little, cuddly bunch for the holidays," says Coates.

Something else that won't cost you a penny, the unconditional love of a shelter dog.

Even though the adoption fee is waived, you do still have to go through the interview process. Washington Humane Society also offers gift certificates, so the recipient can pick out the animal they want. The promotion lasts until Christmas Eve.

To see a list of all adoptable animals,

click here.

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