WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- If you ride Metro, get ready to reach a little deeper in your pocket next year.

The transit agency unveiled a slew of new fare possibilities and all of them mean you will pay more. Thursday, General Manager Richard Sarles unveiled his plan.

Come July, if approved, it would cost riders an average of 15 cents more to take a bus, 10 cents more to ride the rails, and 25 cents more to park. The hikes would raise $30 million a year in revenue; some to pay for more cars, some for salary increases. But, riders say why pay more for what they say is unacceptable service?

Andrew Kapanoske of Chinatown is not pleased. "I think if fares go up, I mean, you're going to see people are going to start taking cabs and stuff.....first of all they're doing trackwork, tracks are always suspended especially on the red line," said Kapanoske.

Speaking of the red line, November was not its proudest month, sprinkled with delays, breakdowns and frustration. So much so, Sarles offered a rare apology.

Was that to pave the way for this bad news? Sarles says no. "The reason I apologized to the riders was because we did not do as well as we should have done in responding to those incidents," stated Sarles.

Metro's board is offering five alternative fare hike plans. Metro says they don't think any increase will lead to a huge decrease in ridership.

There will be several public hearings before Metro makes any decisions and once they do those rate increases won't take place until July.

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