WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Almost everywhere you look nowadays smart phone, tablet, TV, and computers screens seem to dominate in the world of technology.

In fact we use them everyday. So much so that Dr. Stephen Glasser, a D.C. based-optometrist, says he is seeing more and more cases of people suffering from digital eye strain.

The term refers to the various types of ailments one can have caused by the overexertion of eye muscles while staring into digital screens.

Dr. Glasser says most people do it to much and they do it the wrong way, causingthe eye injuries.

He said, "Literally, people are spending more time looking at an arms distance than they are far away." He tells us human eyes are conditioned to look at things from afar not from close proximity to the face.

He tells us many of the digital eye strain patients he treats complain of headaches, blurry vision, and lack of focus to name a few.

The best advice, he says, is to give your eyes a break throughout the day, and when you do he says make it a point not to look at anything from up close while you are allowing your eyes to rest.

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