WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Take a look at a rare glimpse at what's really going on behind closed doors at -some- of the nation's drug and alcohol rehab facilities.

Two California counselors speak publicly for the first time about drug use they've witnessed in treatment and some of the unusual and extraordinary ways that addicts will smuggle them in.

Audrey Hope is a veteran addiction counselor who's worked with celebrity clients in big name treatment facilities. She says state inspectors, at least in California, are simply too lax.

"They went once to check on someone at the rehab I worked with. He said, I didn't do it, and they left," said Hope.

Counselor Ross Remien himself a recovering addict, went through seven rehabs before he was able to get clean.

He said, "And there's literally a line that goes to the other page, right to the medication. Oh depression..., we have these three different options."

Both counselors say doctors who readily write prescriptions for patients are replacing one addiction with another.

"Every single doctor that is doing it easily, I would like them to be held accountable," said Hope.

Addicts, she says, will do just about anything to get their fix.

She said, "They urinate for each other. They go to head shops and buy apparatuses that make it look like it's their urine."

Ross says rehab clinics often prescribe medications, without addressing the underlying causes of addiction.

For the families now grappling with addiction, Ross has advice on selecting the best rehab for a loved one.

"Make sure that they're getting the treatment that they deserve. Make sure they're not just getting thrown into a cookie cutter program where they're just... it's like a puppy mill. They're just pumping clients out. 51 Make sure that there's a goal at the end."

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