WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --What a week it's been for metro! First a fire, then a social media firestorm and now they've closed stations that surround the university of Maryland for the weekend just in time for graduation.

Sometimes controversial twitter critics at @fixwmata, right or wrong it generated a lot of criticism. Now metro is shutting down Prince George's County Plaza, College Park and greenbelt for weekend track work and putting shuttle buses in their place. The problem is thousands are planning to attend university of Maryland's graduation Sunday.

They said they're going to have buses, but everyone knows that definitely is more of a pain more often than not.

Metro says the work is essential for safety and reliability of the Metrorail system and could not be rescheduled without significant cost and delay to the rebuilding effort. No one was available to talk to us on camera today, but earlier this month I spoke to spokesperson Dan Stessel and asked why so much weekend track work.

"That's a process that is heavy construction and it's going to take a while and the only good time for to us get that productive work done is on the weekends."

Seems that the timing that's leaving many grading metro on a downward curve. Metro said it told the university back in January. We tried to reach out to the university but they didn't call us back.

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