WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Only on 9, we have a follow-up to an alarming report we first brought you two weeks ago about a local mother who feared for her daughter's safety-inside her DC public middle school.

The school in question is Shaw at Garnet-Patterson in Northwest, one of the facilities slated to be closed for good this summer. After that story aired, several teachers came forward to say they feared for their safety too.

Current and former teachers independently provided WUSA9 with nearly identical accounts of what life is like inside Shaw Middle School. Some have moved on and are happily teaching in other area school systems. All said they were afraid of retaliation from DCPS and asked us to disguise their identities. We warn you, some of the language is graphic.

"I'm surprised someone hasn't been raped or murdered by now," said one veteran teacher.

To hear current and former teachers at Shaw describe it, the DC middle school is a ticking time bomb.

"I spent the majority of my time and energy just managing behaviors and preventing them from killing themselves or trying to attack me," this teacher said.

By all accounts, the school has become a revolving door of teachers. Teachers subjected to physical assaults-shoved, hit, even bitten by students. And there's verbal abuse too.

Another veteran teacher added, "Teachers will be cursed. They will be called bitches. They would be called M-Fs."

Said one teacher, "I was called daily a fat ass and I was called the 'n' word daily."

"For this to go on for so long, without someone from Central Office stepping in, that is a sin in itself," said a teacher, now working in another school system.

For this veteran teacher, it got to the point where she had to lock the doors of her classroom in a desperate effort to keep disruptive, even dangerous students out.

"They would come in and start fights, assault children, and then run out. And no matter how many times you report it, they get a slap on the wrist and get sent back to class," the teacher said.

Just over two weeks ago, DCPS told us concerns about Shaw were "valid" and that the school system had been proactive, hiring three additional administrators for the school.

"The administrators that they hired are just as useless as the administrators that they have," said a teacher who left the school this academic year.

Many children, we're told, are afraid to go to lunch.

"The cafeteria would be a place where it would start. There were food fights. There were physical fights. The principal would be sitting in the cafeteria when it was going on and would do nothing about it," the teacher said.

Sadly, violence still seems abundant at the middle school. Hope, in short supply.

Another teacher, now working in another local school said, "I felt sorry for the handful of students that wanted to learn. They just gave up."

Since our first report aired earlier this month, we are told there have been violent fights inside the school every day. We have repeatedly asked DCPS for Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson to take a look at our findings, or anyone else in the administration. Instead, they issued this statement:

"We appreciate WUSA9's continued interest in what's happening at Shaw at Garnet-Patterson. Student safety remains our top priority. As we've mentioned previously, over the course of the school year, we increased security and the number of school administrators at Shaw to address safety concerns. School employees with concerns, especially about safety, are encouraged to raise them immediately with school leadership. To date, this has not happened. We will reach out to the staff at Shaw to discuss these issues with them. With less than two months left in the school year, our commitment continues to be a focus on learning, on school safety and finishing the school year in a positive way."

Written by Andrea McCarren, WUSA9

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