WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- All the amazing things our wounded veterans do, even without limbs, could serve as inspiration to those 13 civilian amputees who lost their limbs in last week's marathon bombings.

People like Jeff Bauman who lost both legs who can be seen in the video delivering a birthday present to Sydney Corcoran who was severely injured, her mother Celeste Corcoran ,like Bauman lost both legs.

Col. Gregory Gadson lost his legs in Iraq, May 7th, 2007 when a roadside bomb hit his vehicle. He has a good idea what those amputees in Boston might be going through.

He says it's kind of like Groundhog day, waking up over and over and hoping it was all a bad dream and that you really didn't lose your legs. He says you finally start to get use to "And really, it's not just getting use to it, but accepting it," said Col. Gadson.

He had no desire to leave the Army after all he'd given to the service. He became commander of the Army's Wounded Warrior Program and now is the Garrison Commander of Fort Belvoir. On this day he spoke at a community event about the base's future. He says his faith helped him accept the loss of his legs.

"It's not just you that's injured, your family is injured. And you got to take one day at a time. You have to grieve and there's a process that you're going to go through. You can take some short steps and you can delay but ultimately, you're going to have to confront all the aspects of recovery," said Col. Gadson.

As of April 24, 2013, there are 1,585 amputees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A few of them met with some of the Boston amputees. A Marine amputee offered inspiration to Celeste Corcoran and her daughter. He told her, there's plenty she'll still be able to do without legs.

Col. Gregory Gadson, who's skied Vale four times since he lose his legs, proves that every day.

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