WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Viewer Dianna Graham let WUSA9 know about a discarded couch she had been seeing at the intersection of Georgia Avenue NW and Iowa Avenue NW in the Petworth neighborhood for at leastseven days.

She complained the couch is "seen by many but addressed by none." Dianna went on to say: "I would like to believe that any discarded furniture sitting on a public street would be removed in a timely manner, regardless of location. If this was sitting on Connecticut Ave or Western Ave (in Chevy Chase) how fast would this be removed?"

WUSA9 went to Petworth and found a trio of neighborhood improvement contractors who said they are responsible for sidewalk cleaning and emptying public trash cans. They did not want to be identified because they said they are not authorized to speak to the media. However, they said they too had noticed the couch and that it is classified as bulk trash which is the responsibility of DC's department of public works to pick up. However, when a WUSA9 journalist began recording video, the team quickly loaded the couch in their pick up truck and hauled it away without explanation.

During the encounter, the street cleaning crew said that abandoned furniture is an occasional problem in Petworth and that typically it is removed quickly when citizens call 311.

As an aside, one crew member said that so-called "freecycling", which is the practice of putting useful items on the curb for anyone to take often results in items simply being abandoned which exposes the "freecycler" to potential citations and fines from the city for dumping.

Washington's Department of Public Works offers free bulk trash pick up by appointment for homeowners. It can take up to a week to schedule a pickup. For more information on how to appropriately discard furniture and other bulky items citizens can learn more on the DPW's website at:

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