SILVER SPRING, Md. ( WUSA) --- The author of the textbook American Constitutional Law, Louis Fisher, expressed skepticism Wednesday about Vice-President Joe Biden's remarks concerning possible administration action on controlling guns.

Meeting with victims of gun violence and advocates of stronger gun controls, Biden said "The President is going to act. There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken."

Biden did not specify what those executive actions might be, indicating they would be distinct from a legislative t package the administration is now expected to release next week.

President Obama asked Biden to come up with recommendations following the December slaughter of school children by a gunman in Connecticut.

Fisher says any executive action would be limited.

"There may be something he can do. I don't know if he can do what he would like to do to do something about semi-automatic weapons. I don't think he has any authority there.

Fisher says any plans would have more legitimacy if they were enacted in cooperation with Congress.

Fisher wonders about the President's grasp of constitutional principles.

"I have not seen any great understanding by him as to what the constitution is. I don't see any understanding by him that he has to work jointly, that there is a big risk in claiming inherent, unilateral authority. I don't see that. He is supposed to be an expert, supposed to have taught constitutional law. I don't see that, yet," Fisher told 9News.

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