WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A Morgan State football player passed away on Sunday, two weeks after he suddenly collapsed after practice.

Marquese Meadows, of Southeast D.C. was just eighteen years old, and his death came as a shock to everyone, especially his mother: "I just never would have thought this would happen", Bonita Meadows told WUSA9's Bruce Johnson.

Marquese had received a full ride to to play football at Morgan State University, and was the first person in his family to attend college.

Marquese had spent most of his high school career at Friendship Collegiate High school in D.C. Marquese's coach, Mike Hunter, called the young man's death "a real tragic situation" noting that Marquese was "a great member for our program here, he was a leader, a great individual."

Marquese had plans that included an engineering degree, and buying a house for his mom, his sister and his dog Bubbles.

But his mother doesn't want Marquese remembered for the dreams he missed out on, she wants people to focus on everything he was able to accomplish in his short life:" I want them to know how great of a kid he was and you know, a positive role model, the things that he has accomplished as a kid, even living only 18 years of his life."

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