WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Even a week after his death, many of us are still shocked that Robin Williams took his own life.

A Northern Virginia woman says she can relate to the comedian's pain and she is sharing her unique story with WUSA9 reporterJim Osman.

It's a struggle for Christen McGinnis in McLean,Virginia, to walk. It's a miracle she's even here.

In October of 2010 the survivor lost her job of 18 years. Then her grandmother died, along with a close friend. In addition to that, she had a relationship end very badly.

She tried to kill herself with a weapon she had for protection.

McGinnis has had more than 30 reconstruction surgeries to her face, and she still has her constant companion right by her side. One of her friends, she says has stayed by her side.

The more we talk about suicide and the more we acknowledge that depression, anxiety are real problems, the better off everyone is.

The shocking news about actor Robin Williams brought to surface topics that are not discussed publicly.

She is very grateful she had a second chance and part of that second chance means helping other find theirs. The survivor volunteers and also helps out as a crisis counselor.

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