WASHINGTON (WUSA9)-- There were nearly 50 African leaders who attended the first US-Africa Summit hosted in D.C. August 4 to August 6.

Emira Woods, a global client principal for Social Impact Programs at ThoughtWorks discusses what was accomplished during the summit.

The focus of the summit was mainly geared toward Ebola and traffic tie-ups.

The usual topics like oil and land were discussed at the summit, but Woods thinks leaders need to do more than what they've been doing in the past.

She says, "It's time to change the rules of the game." One way she thinks this can be done is by creating a global economy that works for all.

Watch this video to find out more about Wood's perspective on the African Summit.

The US Africa Summit, hosted in DC this summer, mainly focused on Ebola and traffic tie-ups. So what was likely accomplished? Emira Woods, Global Client Principal from ThoughtWorks, tells us about important topics that should have been discussed. WUSA9

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