NORTHWEST, DC (WUSA9) -- A D.C. Court employee remains in critical condition at the hospital after being run over by a dump truck.

It is unlikely people who saw the accident will forget the graphic images they saw as the woman was nearly crushed alive by the big truck.

Kevin Owens was on his day shift at a café near where the accident happened at 6th and Indiana Streets Northwest Friday afternoon.

Kevin Owens, a witness said,"Next thing you know I just hear a bunch of screaming. My co-worker rushed in and said a lady got hit, a lady got hit and started crying. I see the lady on the ground and a big old truck on top of her. Everybody telling the truck to stop, stop, stop . She was under the truck and the truck backed up and that's when it crushed her legs. And that's when you saw her legs, bones and blood everywhere."

Derrick Page, an attorney said, "I was surprised a truck that size could be moving fast enough before she could get out of the way, very unfortunate."

Witnesses say the woman was in the cross walk when the dump truck driver hit her. She may have been okay, but it's what happened after that witnesses say caused her to lose part of her leg.

Owens said, "when she first got hit she was under the truck. Nothing was messed up with her. But the truck started backing up and everyone said to stop, stop backing up. So, I guess he didn't hear, so once he started backed up it crushed her legs."

This all happened right outside where this woman works and bystanders were emotional as they watched what was happening right before their eyes. They say a U.S. Marshall helped put a tourniquet around her leg and helped save her life.

"There were a lot of tears. A lot of people were worried about her," Owens said.

Colleagues say the woman has worked as a deputy clerk in the criminal division of Superior Court for several years.

"It's very sad, I think the whole building is affected by her situation," Page said.

No charges have been filed yet against the dump truck driver.

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