WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Twitter user @iHidTheCash is continuing their scavenger hunt around the District.

The philanthropist says he or she won a huge amount of money and wants to give people a chance to find some cash and so something good with it.

@iHidTheCash says to expect a clue Wednesday morning.

The last time cash was hidden around D.C., a local reporter found $25 and gave it to a homeless man.

That's what it's about, paying it forward.

The person behind the Twitter account and scavenger hunt says they were inspires by @HiddenCash in San Francisco.

Copycats have been popping up all over the country. On Monday in Texas, dozens of people races around Dallas looking for envelopes filled with cash. Then in Wichita, Kansas, people literally ripped apart streets signs because they thought the cash might be hidden inside.

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