WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- D.C. Councilmember Tommy Wells has received support from District of Columbia firefighters, represented by the International Association of Firefighters, Local 36 (IAFF Local 36), in his campaign for mayor.

IAFF Local 36 announced the endorsement on Monday morning.

"Tommy Wells is the candidate that best understands the day-to-day public safety needs of our city. He is the person best suited to fix the systemic problems, lack of leadership and mismanagement in the Fire Department that undermines every Fire Fighter's ability to deliver the highest-quality service the public deserves," said Local 36 President Ed Smith in a written statement. "His commitment to ethical government and equitable treatment of District stakeholders is unmatched and Fire Fighters are proud to stand by him in the upcoming primary election. We encourage all emergency responders and citizens concerned about the state of public safety in this City to volunteer, donate and vote for Tommy Wells on April 1st. The District of Columbia and the Fire Department need his leadership now more than ever."

The group notes that Wells authored the "FEMS Ambulance Redeployment Disapproval Resolution of 2013." In its statement on Monday, IAFFLocal 36 applauded Wells for his "detailed and factual report" rejecting the fire department's recommendations, and questioning the "integrity of the information provided to support the proposed redeployment plan."

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"Our department has been severely mismanaged for years and the proposed redeployment plan would have only exasperated the current shortfall of equipment and personnel we experience on a daily basis and that has a direct impact on the services we can deliver to the public," said Smith in the statement, "With Councilmember Wells as Mayor, not only will the residents of the District of Columbia see him sweep away the corruption and mismanagement plaguing District government, they will also finally have a Mayor who understands the public safety needs of our growing and vibrant city. After years of stagnation and inaction, a Tommy Wells administration will address the challenges and mismanagement facing the Fire Department."

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