WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9)--Foxhall Road is our Pothole Alert of the Day. Foster Rockwell of Arlington, Virginia nominated portions of the Northwest DC roadway.

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"Can you please report two very large potholes to DDOT on Foxhall Rd? They are both on the far right side of the northbound lane. If you swerve to the left to miss them you end up in oncoming southbound traffic," wrote Rockwell.

It wasn't long before our Pothole Patrol Team found what Rockwell was talking about. A huge pothole at the intersection of Canal Road and Foxhall. There was a second one at the curve near 44th Street.

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We have reported them to the District Department of Transportation. DDOT promises to fill potholes within 3 business days after receiving a complaint.

If you have a pothole you would like WUSA9 to help you with, just TELLWUSA9. Please include a cross street and picture of the pothole if it is safe to do so.

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