NORTHWEST, (DC) -- The fire lieutenant at the center of an investigation into firefighters who allegedly refused to respond to a man suffering from a heart attack across the street has put in her retirement papers.

The District's Public Safety office is trying to decide whether to accept Lt. Kellene Davis' resignation.

Mayor Vincent Gray responds to the action taken so far, including two firefighters placed on paid leave, including Davis and the cadet firefighter reassigned to a firehouse on Georgia Ave.

"I will only be pleased until we get the investigation fully. Deputy Quander is doing an excellent job," Mayor Vincent Gray said. "I'm awaiting his findings and what recommendations he will make. He understand as I do we have to do this quickly."

A letter sent to Chief Ellerbe from Davis was obtained by Dave Statter, who runs the website Statter 911.

Davis writes her account to what happened when 77-year-old Cecil Mills was left to die on a sidewalk across the street from the Rhode Island fire house on Saturday. She titled the subject matter: 'Unusual Occurance'

She writes the rookie firefighter who had less than 2 months on the job.

'Informed me that someone had slipped and fallen across the street'

She then ask for him to
'to get an address'

''I proceeded to look for him.'
'I found him lying in his bed'

'He failed to follow a verbal order and provided a false statement.'

Under DC Law, the District cannot reduce or eliminate the pension of a fire and EMS employee unless that person has been convicted of embezzling from the agency while on the job. That doesn't mean a judge can't rule otherwise in a civil suit.

It takes 40-60 days for retirement papers to go through.