WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --- Do you have trouble understanding the information on an important website? Or know of a website that uses clear and crisp language?

Center for Plain Language's seeks entries for its annual awards: the ClearMark Awards note the clearest language and the WonderMark Awards-- note the most confusing language in a document, website or form.

Nominate a company or federal government agency website before the end of Friday, January 31, 2014.

The Center for Plain Language is a national non-profit dedicated to clear and concise language in business, nonprofit and government communications. The 5th national ClearMark Awards honor recipients in two overall categories. Many Federal agencies have won awards both good (ClearMark) and bad (WonderMark)—FAA, HHS, DHS, VA.

The ClearMark Awards honor those who create the best examples of plain language documents and websites. The WonderMark Awards (no submission fee) note the worst examples of unclear and just plain bad language that may even cause harm.

Submissions are sought from following industries:

- Finance (banking, credit unions, credit cards, mortgages)

- Legal (contracts, letters to clients, consumer agreements for appliances, cell phones, household goods, etc.)

- Federal, state and local government agencies (any document or website produced on behalf of a federal, state or local agency)

- Housing (leases, rental agreements, buy/sell agreements, condo rules, home owners associations, board of directors, etc.)

- Manufacturing (information provided to consumers from manufacturers of cars, appliances, pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs, furniture, clothing, cosmetics, etc.)

- Healthcare (hospitals, healthcare professionals, insurance firms, etc.)

- Others such as cell phone agreements, signs, other contracts, cable bills, political rhetoric, signs, forms, etc., illustrating either clear or confusing language.

Winners will be announced at The Center's ClearMark Award recipients dinner on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at the National Press Club, 529 14 St. NW.


Sheri Singer,; 703-346-7111.

For more information about the awards program or for an application, go to

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