The faces of missing children frozen in time. Anguished families are desperate to reunite with their daughters and sons.

WUSA 9 Anchor Lesli Foster focuses on a key reason that some of those children go missing. She talked with Captain Brad Pyle with the Prince George's County Police for some insights into 70 percent of the cases handled there.

What's behind most of missing cases in the country?

"A lot of kids are running away because of discipline issues at home, you know. They got a bad grade. They got in trouble at school. You know, they're afraid of being punished," he says.

Captain Pyle says some children also have more serious issues they don't want to confront. They run away from substance abuse or the stigma of mental health issues. Time can be either the blessing or the curse when it comes to finding them.

How important are those first moments when a child runs away to you being able to recover them and bring them home?"

"They are vital. If you think, for some reason, that your child has not come home and you're worried, call the police and get us involved. The older that information is the less useful it is to us," says Captain Pyle.

And, he says there is other key information that every parent should compile now in case the unthinkable happens.

"You should have a current picture of your child, something within the last six months. Know your children's friends, know their phone numbers. If your child has a phone know their phone number, know the child's route from school, know your principal. You're gonna lose your mind when your child goes missing. Take that information, put it in one spot so that you have it for when it does happen," Captain Pyle says.

And, the police captain also says you can have an ID card made for your daughter or son. Many photo companies offer it when they take school pictures. It has all their vital information including a fingerprint on the back.

We should point out that most children who runaway in Prince George's County are recovered within an hour or two of being reported missing.

And, the children who have been found since we started our #BringThemHome campaign have also been children who ran away from home.

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