NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- New evidence suggests the hackers responsible for the massive security breach that compromised millions of Target credit card uses are Ukrainian nationals, according to US Senator Mark Warner (D-VA).

Hackers gained access to the credit and debit card information--including card numbers, names and pin numbers--for more than 40 million Target customers in December.Warner led a Congressional hearing on the breach in February.

In an interview with 13News Now on Thursday, Warner said the attack was carried out by Ukrainian cyber-criminals with the knowledge of the previous government."The old Ukrainian government basically saw this as a money making way," Warner said. "They turned a blind eye."That government has since been toppled during months of unrest in the country tied to the country's relations with Russia.The United States and European allies have taken steps to support the new, pro-western government as Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent forces to occupy the southeastern peninsula of Crimea.Warner said he has urged President Barack Obama to use the United States' aid to Ukraine as leverage to crack down on the country's massive organized cyber-crime."One of the things we ought to ask out of the Ukrainians, is they need to do a better job of clamping down on their criminals," he said. "All of the Target breach, it all came from Ukrainians."

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