SOUTHEAST, DC (WUSA9) -- Metropolitan Police found the bodies of two men in Southeast D.C. They don't believe foul play was involved. They are looking into the possibility the men may have been homeless and that they may have died of hypothermia as temperatures dipped into the 30s.

Police arrived just after 9 a.m. Wednesday morning to find a body on the east side of the 295 off ramp.

While police were investigating the first body, investigators found the second body in about 50 feet away.

Police say there are no signs of trauma to the bodies, no foul play or any signs of suicide.

Both men are believed to have been homeless.

'It's bad all these shelters out here you'd think they would have them there. It's terrible to hear about that," a passerby said.

After several days of mild temperatures, last night it dipped near the freezing mark in Washington.

Police are investigating hypothermia as a possible cause of death.

Reverend Daryl Bell, who lives nearby said, "I was coming out of the bank and I saw a young man who use to work in construction. It's hard to say who falls on hard times. It's sad to see people in that predicament. You never know the circumstances of someone being homeless. I'm interested in seeing the autopsy and what it says about the actual cause of death. As a nation we need to do something about the homeless, it's a sad fact."

Investigators are in the process of trying to figure out the men's ages and their identities.

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