TEMPLE HILLS, Md (WUSA9)--Maria Westhall, from Temple Hills sent WUSA9 an SOS about some potholes that are driving her crazy.

Westhall tells us a 5-mile stretch of Piscataway Road, starting at Temple Hill Road, is "car damaging."

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WUSA9's Pothole Patrol certainly saw a lot of potholes straddling the yellow line on this 2 lane road.

The WUSA9 Pothole Patrol Team reported all the craters to the Maryland State Highway Administration, which is responsible for maintaining Piscataway Road.

If you have a pothole that is driving you crazy, shoot us an email by going to TELLWUSA9. Please give us a street number block; and, cross street if possible. And if it's safe, try getting a still picture of the pothole as well. You can attach that picture at TELLWUSA9.

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