WALDORF, Md. (WUSA9) -- A disabled Waldorf woman is fighting her family's eviction tonight, even as she heads back to the hospital for complications from back surgery.

Madelyn Lane is in such fragile health, she says even the homeless shelter will not take her.

She is pleading for help.

Lane still has an open wound from surgery to fuse part of her spine, surgery that was supposed to get her back on her feet. "23 years of living in pain every day," she says. "You wake up with it, you go to sleep with it."

But now Madelyn, her thirteen-year-old son Charles, and her home health aide are struggling with another kind of pain. Her landlady wants to kick her out of her three-bedroom Waldorf townhouse.

"I haven't slept in five nights, I haven't eaten in five days, because I'm worried about my minor son, who is 13, and myself being put out on the street," she says.

Charles County calls it a sad situation, says it is willing to help her keep paying the rent . But this all my have started because her home health aide is living in the house to provide her the necessary 24 hour care. "The only reason I'm here is because she needs my help. If I wasn't here, she would be able to do anything," says Charles Walston, who the state pays $65 a day to take care of her.

"If I can't walk, if I can't cook for my son, if I can't cook for myself. If I can't go to the bathroom by myself, then I'm not entitled to have my health aide?" asks Lane.

WUSA9 spoke on the phone with the landlady, Joanne Jarvis, but she declined to explain why she wanted to evict the family out right now.

Lane is now headed back to the hospital because she has lost feeling in her leg. And she just hopes her belongings will still be here when she returns.

The landlady has yet to file any of the legal eviction paperwork with the tenant-landlord court. Lane says she cannot kick her out without a court order, but she fears it will happen anyway.

She says she just needs a couple more months to figure out to move in with her daughter in Philadelphia.

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