ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- We get all kinds of questions at, and we are getting you answers.

Today's concern comes from a viewer named Maria who says she passes something on her everyday commute that could stop you in your tracks. Viewer Maria Andrea Alvarez sent us a tweet: "There's a huge crack on wall that faces 395 exit 5 (King St, VA). Gets bigger every day!"

WUSA9 checked it out.

Maria is right. It was not easy to shoot video of. Our's is from a nearby overpass, but take one look and you can see why Maria is concerned. It is a gash, and on the top of the hill behind it sits an apartment building. VDOT must know it is an issue, because of the orange barrels line the area.

Our next stop was VDOT, where we met Bridge Engineer Gary Runco who said, "We have been contacted by people traveling past the wall who noticed that the concrete was cracked and there was some concrete that had fallen, and did an inspection of the wall." Runco says that is when they found out that the wall has been moving.

Runco says,"It's 50 years old so that's certainly part of it, there may be some issues with older concrete. and we've had a lot of snow. We will probably put up steel piles in front of the wall and shore it up, it'll be a temporary measure before we do a permanent fix. Hopefully over the weekend. It is safe."

While we would love to take credit for helping spur on the fix, VDOT had this one in the works already.

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