UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WUSA) -- A motions hearing will begin Monday to determine if grand jury testimony from a defendant's uncle will be admissible in a murder trial.

Brian Mayhew and Kenan Myers are charged with first-degree murder for the deaths of Sean Ellis and Anthony McKelvin.

Monday's hearing will decide if grand jury testimony from Nicoh Mayhew, Brian's uncle who was shot and killed on December 8, 2012, will be admissible in trial.

Nicoh was scheduled to testify against Mayhew and Myers, and prosecutors say they believe he was executed at Brian's request.

Prosecutors say they intend to play jail calls from Brian that they believe prove he ordered Nicoh's murder.

Brian and Myers are accused of shooting Ellis and McKelvin in May 2011 and then attempting to cover up the murders by covering the two bodies with bleach.

Prosecutors say they were going to burn the car that the bodies were in to cover up the murders, but did not have matches or a lighter.

Nicoh allegedly brought bleach and gasoline to the scene and he was going to testify against Brian and Myers, say officials.

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