JESSUP, Md. (WUSA9) -- Police say they have located an inmate who they say was mistakenly released fromMaryland Correctional Institution for Women.

Officials saySierra Scipioni was taken into custody in South East Baltimore after she wasmistakenly released on December 3 due to a paperwork error in theDPSCS Commitment Office.

Scipioni began serving an 18-month sentence for first-degree burglary in June 2012 and a concurrent six-month sentence for a theft conviction.

Scipioni was paroled in March 2013 after serving almost eight months on the first-degree burglary conviction. She returned in October for a violation of probation.

She was then released on December 3 when that sentence expired. However, in November, she had been sentenced to an additional two years for violating probation. Due to a paperwork error, the new sentence wasn't recorded in the offender database.

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