WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9)-- The nor'easter winter storm expected to blow through the Washington area Tuesday through mid-week is promising to create major headaches for travelers.

Whether you are traveling by air, rail, or ground, AAA spokesman John Towsend says we should all expect delays or last minute changes. He says the best way to stay up to date with those changes is on your smart phone.

"Your best friend Tuesday and Wednesday will be your cell phone and the same thing if you are traveling by Amtrak and bus line," Towsend said.

The big concerns he tells us is for those traveling by car.

"Most people if it's snowing or icing they wont travel, but it rains and they think they can do it, and that's extremely treacherous and extremely dangerous," he said.

The storm blowing through our region will pack with it frigid winds, ice, and wet conditions.

"This is a nor'easter," Townsend said. "This is the worst possible scenario for Thanksgiving."

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