(WUSA9) -- Distracted driving by atrucker causedthe July 19th Bay Bridge accident that sent a car into the water, according to a Maryland Transportation Authority Police report released on Thursday.

According to the report, the truck driver was distracted by flashing headlights in his driver's side miror. Police say according to data from the truck's Engine Control Module and Antilock Braking System the truck driver was traveling at least 47 miles per hour when his truckhit a car driven by 23-year-old Morgan Lake. The report says that the car had slowed to approximately 4 mph when it was hit by the truck.

The report indicates that the truck driver had tried to steer to the left to avoid hitting vehicles but struck the left rear of the car. The impact sent the car on top of the barrier wall, before it went over the wall and fell approximately 27 feet into the bay. Police say an SUV was also struck by the tractor trailer.

The truck driver, 29-year-old Gabor Lovasz, is a Hungarian immigrant to Canada.He was in Canada as part of its Temporary Foreign Worker Program and it was his first time on U.S. roads unaccompanied, according to police.

Lovasz is charged with failure to control speed to avoid a collision, unsafe lane changing, negligent driving and speed greater than reasonable and prudent on a highway. All the charges come with fines, according to police.

Morgan Lake was able to unbuckle her seat belt, exit the car and swim to safety after the collision. She was treated for minor injuries sustained in the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board previously issued a preliminary report on the incident. You can read the details of that report here:

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