FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9) -- Since the Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook shootings, moms have traveled to Capitol Hill, met with legislators and Thursday morning picketed outside the National Rifle Association.

On a day when a Senate panel passed an assault weapons ban but is not expected to pass in the full Senate, dozens of demonstrators tried to deliver a petition to their toughest road block, the NRA.

Lori Haas has been fighting for tougher gun laws ever since her daughter survived being shot on the Virginia Tech campus.

"She was shot twice in the back of her head and 11 of her classmates and professor died."

A former Newtown, CT., resident joined the cause today to end gun violence.

"We knew a couple of them and some of our close friends lost a couple of their close friends. It was hard."

Also in the group, a current NRA member.

"We are hear in peace,"Shaun Dakin said.

They came to the National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax in support of a grass roots organization


"We are becoming a country where gun violence is the new normal and we can't let that happen."

The organization has gathered more than a 130,000 signatures for their petition asking for cooperation from the NRA in getting stricter gun laws.

But when they tried to deliver their petition, the NRA refused to even accept it.

Security told the demonstrators to get off the property and said the two Fairfax County police officers who were there would be in charge of enforcing the law if they refused to listen.

Shaun Dakin, Fall Church NRA member, "They're obviously not listening to all their members."

Just like its namesake, they hope momsrising will continue an upward momentum in influencing gun laws.

Yesterday a similar group traveled to the Halls of Congress targeting lawmakers.

But some today who have lost a loved one to gun violence, wonder if anyone is listening.

The NRA did not have a response to WUSA9's calls. says they want universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines meaning more than tem bullets, and strong anti-gun trafficking laws.

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