LAUREL, Md. (WUSA9) -- Laurel Maryland Police plan to deploy at least 10 wearable video cameras for officers to record law enforcement encounters by the end of March, according to Chief Richard McLaughlin.

"I want to use them for training, I want to use them for search warrant execution," said McLaughlin. "You will be notified that you are being recorded."

The cameras, made by the manufacturer of Tasers, can be worn on headsets, on glasses, or attached to the shoulder of an officer's uniform.

Video is uploaded to a secure server that is not controlled by the police department. Once uploaded the video cannot be edited or deleted. Officers can view recordings on their cell phones using a manufacturer's app.

Maryland's American Civil Liberties Union chapter has weighed in saying the cameras could protect the public from police misconduct in the same way cell phone video shot by citizen bystanders has documented police abuse, as long as officers record everything.

"People are more professional and more courteous when they know they are being recorded," said Chief McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said he expects officer performance will improve while individuals interacting with police will be less likely to push boundaries with officers if both sides know cameras are rolling.

"We're just capturing both sides of the coin now," McLaughlin said.

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