OLNEY, Md. (WUSA) -- We got inspired by a local high school athlete and hope you will too.

He's a wrestler who aims to become an Olympic champion. But, the International Olympic Committee shocked the world by deciding to remove the sport from the Olympic Games, starting in 2020.

Seventeen-year-old Kyle Snyder is undefeated in his career at Good Counsel High School in Olney, Marylandand the top-ranked prep wrestler at 215 pounds in the entire nation.

He's been doing this since elementary school. Since the age of 12, Snyder has had a dream and he's shared with coach Skylar Saar.

"He has always had this goal since I first met him when he was in sixth grade," Saar said. "That's when he knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to be an Olympic champ."

But mysteriously, and completely by surprise last week the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee voted to eliminate wrestling from theOlympics, a wrestling sport that's been around since the ancient greeks held the firstOlympicsand has been around in every modern olympics since they were founded.

Among alternate sports being considered to take the slot, a Chinesemartial arts discipline called Wushu and speed competition roller-skates.

Snyder's response, work harder. He knows there will be appeals and politicking and he aims to be ready for a reversal and has not grudge toward other sports that could replace his.

An olympic dream shattered for a 17-year-old local kid with a real chance to make it, not here, not yet anyway.

But Kyle Snyder knows unlike on the mat where he's in control of the outcome, he'll need help from tens of thousands to get the olympic bureaucrats to reconsider.

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