RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA) -- Virginia Republicans are flexing some serious muscle.

Days after the state Senate passed a bill to box some Democrats out of their districts, it's considering a plan that would have handed Mitt Romney most of the Commonwealth's electoral votes.

"They couldn't win it fair and square, so they're going to try and win it this way," says Va. State Sen. Richard Saslaw (D-Springfield), who serves as Minority Leader.

Va. State Sen. Bill Carrico (R-Galax) from red and rural Southwest Virginia has introduced a bill that would scuttle the winner-take-all system that handed the Commonwealth's 13 electoral votes to President Obama, and apportion the electoral votes instead by Congressional district.

That would have given Mitt Romneynine votes. And President Obama just four.

"All those who across Virginia that actually came out and supported Mitt Romney felt they deserved that." says Carrico.

"Under this law, Romney would have won Virginia," says Va. State Sen. Chap Peterson (D-Fairfax)."He would have had the majority of the electoral votes, even though they lost the state by 150,000 votes."

"Folks this week's alpha dogs are the pack of purebred Republicans in the Virginia State Senate," joked Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report on The Comedy Channel.

The electoral vote plan -- and a vote to retool Senate districts while a Democrat was away at the MLK Day Presidential inauguration -- have once again made the Virginia GOP comic fodder."In the words of Dr. King, I've been to the mountaintop, and while I was there, they heavily redistricted the promised land," Colbert laughed.

It's now unlikely the electoral vote change will pass the Senate. Two Republican Senators now say they oppose it. And with the Senate split 20-20, that's enough to scuttle it.

"If I win, I win. If I loose, I'll come back and try again," says Carrico.

The committee vote on Virginia's electors is likely early next week. And the final vote on Senate district lines may come on Tuesday

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