Winter Storm Watch Late Sunday night - Tuesday morning.


WASHINGTON (WUSA9) ---  A bitterly cold night ahead with a wind chill advisory is in place for tonight through Sunday morning. This means, temperatures will feel below zero and frost bite or hypothermia is possible without proper warm weather gear for a period of time.  A storm system will move in toward Monday morning producing several inches of snow before changing over to a period of freezing rain and then rain.   Areas along and west of I-95 are under a WINTER STORM WATCH from late Sunday night into Tuesday morning and we have a issued a YELLOW WEATHER ALERT for Monday as travel will be impacted.  Good thing that Monday is a holiday with many people off and most schools closed.

Cold Weather Action Items:

- Leave cabinet doors open to sinks on outside walls.
- Leave water running. Just a trickle will do. 
- Bring pets inside & make sure they have plenty of water.
- Give space heaters at least three feet of clearance.
- Turn space heaters off when you go to bed.
- Close your curtains after sunset.
- Use towels to stop drafts.
- Leave pots of water around the house to add humidity.

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Wind chill advisory, dangerously cold. 
Clear to Partly cloudy

LOW TEMPS: 3-14 (wind chills -10 to  0)
WINDS: NW 10 - 20

Mostly Sunny, Less Wind
Still Very Cold

HIGH TEMPS: 24 - 29
WINDS: NW 5- 10

MONDAY (Yellow Weather Alert Day):
Light Snow Developing before Dawn
Light to Moderate snow to a wintry mix in the PM
A General 1"-3", 3"-6" well north & west
Mix To Rain At night.

HIGH TEMPS: 28 - 34
WINDS: SE - 10

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