WUSA9 viewer complaints are leading to restaurant closures for health violations.


WASHINGTON (WUSA9) – Health inspectors closed two Au Bon Pains in response to a growing number of citizen foodie enforcers reporting health code violations across the DC area.

"I saw a mouse coming out of the kitchen going into the seating area," said former Au Bon Pain regular Jeimi Flournoy. "Gross."

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See below for contact information for area health departments to dispatch an inspector to a restaurant where you see food danger.

Flournoy said she didn't immediately rat out the 10th and Pennsylvania Au Bon Pain, but spoke to the manager and e-mailed corporate instead.

Flournoy said she didn't receive a satisfactory response and saw another mouse on her next visit.

"It just ran to the seating area," Flournoy said. "I sent you a message on Facebook, and you responded that I needed to contact the health department."

We had just sent out a tweet about an Au Bon Pain closure on North Capitol when Flournoy contacted us about the location on tenth across from FBI headquarters.

Shortly after, the health department issues a closure notice about the Au Bon Pain Flournoy complained about.

Her complaint inspection resulted in a summary suspension citing "mouse droppings observed in various areas," live cockroaches" and heavy amount of cockroach carcasses."

"It was pretty, pretty fast," Flournoy said. "They shut it down, that's correct."

A complaint also prompted the July 31st closure of this Au Bon Pain on North Capitol.

Inspectors cited roaches "in soap dispenser" "crawling on bread slicer" "crawling on wall in baking prep area."

Flournoy had been a regular at that location at Tenth and Pennsylvania, but not any longer she sayd.

When we went in the café, which is officially listed as 1001 Pennsylvania Ave., we found a cockroach looking carcus on the floor and a manager told us we couldn't look for more and directed us to leave the store.

Au Bon Pain issued a statement.

"We are committed to maintaining our cafés in the highest state of cleanliness," spokeswoman Donna Alsheimer wrote in an e-mail. "We took immediate, comprehensive corrective action and promptly re-opened both cafes. We apologize for the inconvenience to our guests."

Both Au Bon Pains and the others passed re-inspection and reopened.

Below find contacts so when you see food dangers, you can shut them down too by reporting food dangers to your health department.


email: food.safety@dc.gov

phone: 202-535-2180


phone: 240-777-3986 or Montgomery County 311

email: licregmail@montgomerycountymd.gov


phone: 703-246-2444

email: hdehd@fairfaxcounty.gov

  • Prince George's County Health Dept.

phone: 301-883-7690 or Prince George's County 311

email: FoodProtectionProgram@co.pg.md.us

  • Arlington County Health Dept.

phone: 703-228-7400

email: ehealth@arlingtonva.us


phone: 703-746-4910


phone: 703 777 0234 health@loudoun.gov

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