WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Of popular D.C. area brunch spots reviewed by WUSA9, 14 made the Restaurant Alert Top Ten list (there were multiple ties) for most violations in a single inspection since 2012.

Click here to see how many violations each of the about 150 restaurants received in their worst inspection (a few were handed repeat clean inspections with no violations over the two year period).

WUSA9 reviewed posted inspections reported by area health agencies from April 15, 2012 through April 15, 2014.

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Full list of WUSA9 Brunch Restaurant Alert Violations:



In most cases, violations were corrected in front of the inspector during the same or in a follow-up inspection - you can see details of each inspection in the attached link.

Only one of the restaurants on the Top Ten list was ordered closed by inspectors, Lincoln's Waffle Shop, meaning despite the large number of violations, officials did not consider conditions at others an "imminent health" risk.

Even Lincoln Waffle Shop passed a re-inspection and was allowed to reopen.


To have a Restaurant Alert smartphone link sent to you, text FOOD to 25543 or click here to access the Restaurant Alert database on a desktop computer: http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com


Experts say should consider a restaurants entire health history, so we've included links to the WUSA9 Restaurant Alert database showing each restaurant's recent inspections.

WUSA9 Brunch Restaurant Alert Top Ten Violation Count 2012-2014:

28 violations: Chesapeake Room - 501 8th ST SE WASHINGTON, DC 20003 - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/511

24 violations: Tabard Inn - 1739 N ST NW Washington, DC 20036 - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/609

23 Violations: El Manantial - 12050 North Shore Dr, Reston - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/virginia/restaurant/6690

21 Violations: The Hamilton (dba Hamilton Square Grill)- 600 14TH ST NW - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/2571

21 Violations: Metro 29 - 4711 Lee Hwy, Arlington - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/virginia/restaurant/7073

20 Violations: Blacksalt Fish Market - 4883 MACARTHUR BLVD NW - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/3795

20 Violations: El Centro D.F. 14th St - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/2965

18 Violations: Sidamo Coffee & Tea - 417 H ST NE - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/955

18 Violations: Lincoln's Waffle Shop (Suspended 2013) - 504 10TH ST NW Washington, DC 20004 - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/2084

18 Violations: Silver Diner - 8101 Fletcher St, Mclean - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/virginia/restaurant/4989

17 Violations: The Source - 555 PENNSYLVANIA AVE NW WASHINGTON, DC - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/430

17 Violations: Georgia Brown's - 950 15TH ST NW Washington, DC 20005 - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/2687

17 Violations: Kangaroo Boxing Club - 3410 11TH ST NW Washington, DC 20010 - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/washington/restaurant/2263

17 Violations: Silver Diner - 12250 Silver Diner Place, Fairfax - http://restaurantalert.wusa9.com/mobile/virginia/restaurant/4988

FULL LIST: Most single visit violations at about 150 DC area brunch spots: http://archive.wusa9.com/assetpool/documents/140417121810_Brunches.pdf

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