A hospital gift shop and four eateries are shut down in the DC metro area for health code violations.


WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) - Health inspectors temporarily closed Lori's Gift Shop at Providence Hospital, 1150 Varnum Street, NE DC; Murry's Grocery Store, 610 H St. NE DC; Joe's Noodle House, 1488-C Rockville Pike, Rockville, Md.; Wok N Roll, 604 H Street, NW DC; Ghar-E-Kabob, 944 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, Md.

All the restaurants have passed re-inspection are back in business.

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Repeat Offender: Lori's Gift Shop at Providence Hospital

Health inspectors closed Lori's Gift shop inside Providence Hospital on Varnum Street, NE citing rodent droppings plus the observation of a bag of food chewed on by some sort of pest.

This is not the first time Lori's has been closed by inspectors. The DC Health Department shut down the gift shop in December 2013 citing 5 violations including rodents.

Murry's Grocery Store

On H Street, NE, inspectors closed Murry's grocery store citing 10 violations including a dead rodent observed behind the freezer, rodent droppings under equipment and no working thermometers in reach-in freezer units.

Murry's wouldn't let our cameras inside.

Chinatown's Wok N Roll

Inspectors closed Wok N Roll on H Street, NW citing 13 violations including dead roaches on top of food containers, counters, and more roaches at the pick up line and chef's line in the kitchen.

Inspectors also reported rat feces outside, near the trash dumpsters.

The manager we spoke with said the dead roaches fell into the kitchen through damaged ceiling tiles. He says the tiles have been fixed and cleaned.


In Silver Spring, inspectors closed Ghar-E-Kabob on Wayne Avenue citing 6 violations including rodent droppings observed on the kitchen prep counters and on the food storage shelving inside of the kitchen.

Inspectors also cited Ghar-E-Kabob for improper food storage temperatures like lamb stew and chicken stew at 52-degrees; and, for storing food in a prep cooler at 49-degrees instead of the required maximum of 41-degrees.

The owner wouldn't let our cameras inside the kitchen right away saying employees needed time to organize a grocery delivery.

WUSA9 found no evidence of rodents when we check the kitchen.

The owner of Ghar-E-Kabob blames the rodent problem on a neighboring store saying the rats travel through its ceiling and into his restaurant.

Joe's Noodle House

On Rockville Pike, inspectors closed Joe's Noodle House citing 8 violations including operating without any hot water and an open box of tofu stored on the floor.

Workers told our crew the manager wasn't in and they couldn't reach him for us because they didn't know his number.

All the restaurants have passed re-inspection and are back in business.

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