Washington, DC (WUSA9) -- WUSA9 uncovers a violation in Chinatown that could make you sick. And our Restaurant Alert seriesis starting to looklike a dirty soap opera with a cast of recurring characters.

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Inspectors temporarily closed: Sweetgreen, 3333 M Street, NW; Ming's Restaurant, 617 H Street, NW; Divine Food Group, 300 Morse Street, NE, and Mama'sKitchen, 1208 Maple View Place, SE.

All the establishments passed re-inspections and are back in business.

Trouble in Chinatown

Just down from the arch in Chinatown,inspectors closed Ming Restaurant, 617 H Street, NWand cited 15 violations including chicken and eggs stored over 70 degrees, fruit flies and roaches.

Officials cited Ming'sfor unclean food contact surfaces and storing hot and cold foods at improper temperatures.

Ming's management invited us in to show usimprovements. WUSA9 did not find any evidence of anypests.

DC health inspectors also cited Ming's for inaccessible sinks, and no soap or paper towels.

When WUSA9 looked around, we found a hand sink blocked by a rice cooker and no paper towels.

The manager countered that employees could wash their hands in the employee toilet, but when WUSA9looked, that restroom did not have any hand soap.

The manager we spoke with promised to give his workers soap.

ASecond Closure at Morse Street market

In the 300 block of Morse Street, NE atDivine Foods is inthe same warehouse and market area where we reported another closure in January atSam Wang's produce. In that closing, the health department documented rat droppings inside Sam Wang's.

Now, about 3 doors down at Divine Food, a new closure citing mice droppings, dead roaches and cross contamination violations.

Inspectors noted goat and fish stored in the freezer in the same container; but, the manager of Divine told WUSA9 that it was only one fish that accidently fell into a container of meat.

The manager let us in but not with our cameras. She showed WUSA 9 investigative reporter, Russ Ptacek, the cooler where health inspectors identified the rodent droppings.Ptacek didn't see any droppings inside.

Second Closure ForMama's Kitchen

In August of 2012, WUSA9 reported a closing at Mama's Kitchen on Maple View Place, SE. During that inspection, officials reported roaches at the restaurantamong 23 health code violations.

This month at Mama's Kitchen, a new closure for unsanitary conditions.

Inspectors also cited Mama's for a hand sink that had no hot water.

The mama manager initially told WUSA9 she didn't know anything about the closure notice then said she'd already handled it.

Sweetgreen Georgetown Shuttered

InspectorsclosedSweetgreen, 3333 M Street, NW in Georgetown for inadequate refrigeration, inadequate hand washing facilities and fruit flies.

In a statement, Sweetgreen said, "Sweetgreen Georgetown has been temporarily closed for a couple of days as we await the renewal of our business license as well as the addition of a sink in our service area. We expect to be open in the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you will visit our other locations until we reopen."

Experts want you to know, whether it's at a restaurant or at you own home, hand washing with soap and with warm water is one of the best ways to protect your family.

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Air Date: 8/29/2013

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