WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) -This week's WUSA9 Food Alert on restaurant inspection suspensions includes a popular Arlington burger bistro, a national doughnut chain and violations ranging from rat feces to sewage and stores operating without the required staffer trained in food safety.

Check out your favorite D.C., Virginia, or Montgomery County restaurant's violation history here:

At Arlington's popular BGR on inspectors reported violations including handwashing, cross contamination control, food at potentially unsafe temperatures, and a bug zapper that could contaminate exposed food underneath it.

Inspectors ordered BGR closed for not staffing a required worker trained in food safety.

DC officials cited Dunkin Donuts on 14th St Northwest for continuing to operate with a sewage back up and operating with no employee toilets - despite a previous city warning to close.

When went into Petworth Market on Georgia Avenue Northwest, we what appeared to be rodent feces on the store floor. Inspectors had ordered the store closed for rodent violations for operating with a food safety manager.

The clerk told us the required food safety manager wasn't on duty during our visit either.

When he arrived about 45 minutes later, he showed us his certificate and said the rodent feces we recorded on camera was from a previous infestation that just hadn't been cleaned up.

At Ethiopia Plus Grocery on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, inspectors cited a worker washing dishes in a mop sink - that's not all - officials cited the store for operating without hot water and without supervision from worker certified in food safety.

At China Inn on Martin Luther King Jr Avenue, inspectors reported no workers washing their hands, no running water at the bathroom sink, and dirty conditions.

At Marvelous Market on MacArthur Boulevard NW, inspectors reported no hot water, mold in the ice machine, and hand washing violations.

At Trinidad Market on Florida Avenue NE, the manager ordered us out before we could look around.

Inspectors cited rodent droppings, license problems, and operating without a required worker trained in food safety.

All the restaurants had passed reinspection and reopened prior to our visit.

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