WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Sleep is so important now that school is just about in session for everyone, and if your little one has trouble falling asleep, chances are you've tried a bedtime story to help them relax.

That is where Dr. Nisha Patel comes in. She is a full-time ophthalmologist, but felt compelled to write a children's book for several reasons.

On Friday, Dr. Patel talked to us about her reasons for writing "Princess Avni Gets Her Beauty Sleep."

"I'm also a mother. I have three children. My oldest child, when she was 3, we were always trying to find a way to get her go to sleep. I thought 'let me write this story.' I decided to put it in print. It worked helping her go to sleep, thinking healthy thoughts to help her relax.

"It's also about our culture, a South Asian princess, Princess Avni obviously named after her," said Dr. Patel.

Find out about the books local roots and more in the video.

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